Cigarette Printing Dies

Pryor’s cigarette printing dies print the brand of the cigarette manufacturer by transferring ink onto the rolling paper.

Pryor has expertise in the design of dies to ensure optimum ink pickup. High quality, consistent marks are produced continuously, supporting high volume output. The dies undergo specialist heat treatment to ensure uniformity and consistency across the marking head. This protects your brand image by ensuring that the mark is even across all printing panels.

Pryor’s in-house team develops and supplies the designs, layout, and artwork prior to manufacture for approval. The in-house team also designs cigarette printing dies to fit any machine and can do this just from technical drawings. Pryor has extensive expertise in designing dies to fit a variety of machines

Cigarette manufacturers are also given the option to add code rings to Cigarette Printing Dies. These additions allow different markets to be targeted differently, for example, some code rings add the text ‘export duty-free’ to certain target markets.

  • High-speed method of branding cigarettes.
  • Safeguards against counterfeiting, smuggling and illicit trade.
  • High quality, consistent marks.
  • Continuous output.
  • In-house artwork design team supply artwork prior to manufacture so that you can approve and amend.
  • Database of artwork, designs and specifications ensuring consistent brand image.
  • In-house design team can design dies to fit any machine just from technical drawings.
  • Dies designed for optimum ink pickup.
  • Code ring option to create added flexibility.