Custom Hand Stamps & Logo Marking

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Pryor Custom Hand Stamps are a simple form of bespoke impact marking often used to mark jewellery, gas bottles and diving bottles.
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    Custom Metal Hand Stamps

    Pryor Custom Metal Hand Stamps are a simple form of bespoke impact…
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    Cigarette Printing Dies

    Pryor's cigarette printing dies print the brand of the cigarette manufacturer by…
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    Custom Graduation Dies

    Graduation Dies produce a continuous inscription of graduations onto a material, indicating…
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    Custom Logo Embossing Dies

    Embossing Dies produce a raised readable mark and Debossing Dies produce a…
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    Packaging Embossing Type

    Packaging Embossing Type are individual characters, figures or symbols of your own…
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    Roller Marking Dies

    Roll marking is a continuous process marking fixed inscriptions over set lengths.…
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    Custom Logo Type

    Pryor Logo Type offers a bespoke solution to simple multicharacter marking. Individual custom…