Type Stamp – Low Stress Singles


Replacement or additional Steel Type pieces, interchangeable and compatible with common world-wide blank sizes & Type Holders.

Minimum order quantity of 5. This can be a selection of 5 different pieces of Type.

Please note Spacers for Dot Stress and Mini Stress are identical. For Spacers please select Dot-Stress

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Pryor Type Size Chart

Pryor Type sizes are measured from the crown of the character, please use the image and tables below to determine the correct size for your application

Character Height Blank Size
(H) Length (C) North/South (B) East/West (A)
mm Inch mm Inch mm Inch mm Inch
3.0mm 1/8″ 19.05mm 3/4″ 8.00mm 5/16″ 4.00mm 5/32″
5.0mm 3/16″ 19.05mm 3/4″ 9.50mm 3/8″ 6.40mm 1/4″

Safety Info.

Safety note: As with all striking tools, we recommend the use of appropriate safety protection.

Safety glasses and gloves should we worn at all times when striking metal for marking purposes