Type Stamps – Low Stress


Low stress steel type stamps are vital for industries requiring precision and minimal surface impact, such as Aerospace, Nuclear, Oil and Gas, and M.O.D. projects. Engineered to uphold high surface integrity, these stamps offer versatility, available as stock sets or tailored to exact specifications. With a focus on durability and accuracy, they leave lasting imprints while minimizing surface stress. Elevate your marking applications with low-stress steel type stamps, ensuring compliance and reliability in critical industries.

With a focus on detail and durability, these stamps leave lasting imprints while minimizing surface stress, making them an ideal choice for critical applications in various industries. Manufactured in Sheffield, England, under stringent BS EN ISO 9001:2015 quality controls and exacting standards.

Pryor offer 2 Styles of Low Stress engraving. These are:

Ministress – round faced character which gives a continuous line character when marked.

Dotstress – for even greater reduced stress levels, a character with similar nose formation to Ministress but with the added benefit of impressing the character in dot formation.

Low Stress sets available in each style:

  • Letter Sets include 26 Characters A-Z
  • Number Sets include 10 characters 0-9
  • Full Sets include 100 alpha-numeric and punctuation characters as well as spacer pieces for non-marking positions
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Pryor Type Size Chart

Pryor Type sizes are measured from the crown of the character, please use the image and tables below to determine the correct size for your application

Character Height Blank Size
(H) Length (C) North/South (B) East/West (A)
mm Inch mm Inch mm Inch mm Inch
3.0mm 1/8″ 19.05mm 3/4″ 8.00mm 5/16″ 4.00mm 5/32″
5.0mm 3/16″ 19.05mm 3/4″ 9.50mm 3/8″ 6.40mm 1/4″

Full Sets - What's in the box

Alphanumeric Pryor Fount Set Comprises:

Q V Y Z & 1 each
B C D F G H J K M P T W X / – . , 2 each
A I L N O R S U 3 5 6 7 8 9 0 3 each
E 1 2 4 4 each
Spacer pieces for non-marking positions 12 each (1.0mm – 3.0mm set) 6 each (4.0mm – 10mm set)
Single row Hand Holder & Allen Wrench 1 each

Safety Info.

Safety note: As with all striking tools, we recommend the use of appropriate safety protection.

Safety glasses and gloves should we worn at all times when striking metal for marking purposes